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About Us...

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Our services range from acupuncture and herbal therapy to skincare treatments but most clients seek out Osaka Health Spa for the signature Shiatsu massages. Belying the gentle atmosphere that its sage green and light wood motif cultivates, the Korean spa takes an aggressive approach to the bodywork form, which is traditionally associated with energy balancing. Not content to align your chi using hand pressure alone, the practitioners employ their feet, hoisting themselves onto clients’ backs, then padding around on the target location while hanging onto ropes strung from the ceiling for stability; customers typically lie on futons to facilitate this service.

To prepare for the intense massage sessions, visitors are invited to undergo a hot-cold hydrotherapy ritual using the spa’s steam room, sauna, and ice-cold baths (“Hot and Cold Alternate Bath is No Catch Cold, Rejuvenate: Renewal of Youth or of Strength,” explains a somewhat garbled poster on the wall).

Thanks to Osaka’s extraordinarily generous hours, you can get worked over pretty much whenever you might need it—even if that’s before heading home from, say, a night of hard partying.

The late closing time plus the exotic (some might say masochistic) massage work also make it especially popular with couples up for an interesting date idea. — Kate Jacobs

Top Japanese-Style Massage

Word to the wise:

After a late night of partying, stumble over to Osaka for an immediate detox. The spa stays opens for 24 hours a day.
Osaka Health Center, a family-owned Korean health center in the middle of Manhattan, offers many different modalities such as acupressure, herbal therapy, full body massages, facials and other skincare treatments. Before treatments, relax in the steam and dry saunas.

Osaka’s signature Shiatsu massage is very popular. During the massage, the therapist presses with all her/his strength, and at some point, will get on top of the table to take a walk on your back to make it crack.

Open every day until 2am, the spa is perfect for busy travelers on strange schedules, late-night party people, and couples on dates.

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